Media Make Up Academy Scholarship

We are proud to announce The Media Make Up Academy Scholarship

The Scholarship will be awarded to 6 students per year and is open to anyone who has faced a major challenge in their life.
* 6 spots will be given per year to the make up 101 class

Tell us your story-why do you want a scholarship to the Make Up 101 Course. What challenges have you faced and come out on the other side? Send an email to us @ & put scholarship in the title. Include your name, which city you would hope to attend and a picture of yourself.

How will you use your training to help others?

Our first Scholarship Student
Mary Lou Ortiz Molina from
The Bronx, NY.

"Wow! you are an amazing woman that I feel blessed to have been taught by.Thank you for making me feel welcome in your studio-your energy is great. The class and information I got is invaluable....I hope you brighten a few faces with make up for women battling cancer. If I can get them to smile by looking good then you should consider your self a "pink angel"" Gracias, Gracias,Gracias -Mary Lou

Mary Lou's Story...

My name is Mary Lou and I'm 49 years old. I'm a native New Yorker and mom to a great 12 year old. I had a successful career as a Advocate for Women's Rights with the District Attorney in NY for over 10 years. I challenged New York State Legislators to pass important laws that impact women and children's lives today.

I simultaneously had a part time career for many years as a Beauty Consultant selling cosmetics in a retail store. I loved the ability to help enhance and transform a woman's beauty but more important to me was to help them feel good about themselves.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and my whole world has changed. I chose to have a bi-lateral mastectomy to increase my chances of living a long healthy life. Having cancer has been horrible, terrifying, and humbling. Also a very long journey. Fighting cancer has become my full time job. I first had surgery to remove cancer and both breast in April. In May through September I had chemotherapy. In October through November I had daily Radiation for 6 weeks. And from December to now I'm left dealing with all the after/side effects on a daily basis. I still get medical treatment weekly. I'm a SURVIVOR!