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Media Makeup Academy is a boutique Academy founded by celebrity hair and make up artist Amanda Shackleton.
Content is from the site's 2014- 2016 archived pages and other outside sources.

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Media Make Up Academy New York
88 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10016
Phone: (917) 334-6155


Media Make Up Academy Chicago
711 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60642
Phone: (312) 442-0062

Media Makeup Academy
221 Collins Avenue
Miami, FL 33139




Media Makeup Academy is a boutique Academy founded by celebrity hair and make up artist Amanda Shackleton. Amanda recognizes there is a lot of confusion out there on what kind of education you need to become a working MUA.
Unlike Hair Stylists and Estheticians you do not need a license to work as a Make up artist.Getting great training and a certificate is all you need to start.

Students have so many questions when choosing a school and  here are the questions you need to ask before deciding

*Will I get extensive hands-on training?
*Can I learn enough in 5 days?
*Are the educators experienced and successful in the creative/fashion industry?
*Can you see the teachers portfolio/work they have done in the past?
 *Is the school environment cohesive and conducive to learning and inspiring?
 *Can I afford it or take that much time off from work? 
Our 5 day certification course is both intensive and budget friendly and will get you on the road to working in your dream career.Please feel free to call the school and I can answer any questions you may have.
Founder and professional makeup artist Amanda Shackleton took her extensive career background in cosmetic artistry and ventured into education in 2009.

Having successfully built her own reputation over the course of 20 years in both the fashion( and bridal industries (,Shackleton wanted to create an intimate setting where students could learn from her own experiences.

 “My goal is to teach students the skills needed to learn the art of makeup, focusing on the application details that separate professional artists from amateur and guide you on what to do once you are certified.”

Anyone wanting to become a professional makeup artist needs the natural skill and eye for both beauty and fashion, but also an understanding of lighting, highlighting , contouring, face shapes, eye shapes and a diverse range of skin tones.

Once you understand and learn these fundamental techniques, its a matter of practicing as much as possible to build up your craft art you career.

A smaller academy which kept classes smaller and more intimate.

Skills and techniques in a shorter more cost effective way than traditional schools . She filled a gap in the market.  Most schools are either far too expensive for the average budget, too long for most people to realistically  ‘t the teachers didn’t have a strong fashion/business background.

 After discovering the need for a school that teaches hands-on fundamentals, in a reasonable amount of investment.

Shackleton a basic understanding of skills and techniques in a lesser amount of time. Rather than invest months of time in school, Amanda kick starts her students’ futures with an in-depth curriculum that delivers in five short days.

Thanks to the organized planning and efficient course, Amanda doesn’t waste any time teaching the fundamentals of both makeup artist techniques and skills, as well as business management. Not only will you obtain the knowledge of your craft at Media Makeup Academy, you’ll learn how to apply it and grow a “real” business where you become in-demand and successful.

When you decide on a career as a professional makeup artist and get the right training new doors will open up for you.You’ll have opportunities in freelance positions working with photographers & production companies on set, doing runway shows,working with brides or perhaps retail makeup counters.

Without credible training, its harder to compete in this bustling industry. This is a competitive career and learning the ins and outs of the industry from someone who has been there will put you way ahead of the competition.

Knowing how to start your business and promoting yourself as well as who to contact and what to say is priceless information.

Once you’ve mastered the basic skills taught at Media Makeup Academy, you’ll have all the confidence and knowledge you need to position yourself as an expert in the business. And that’s important if you want to be considered for elite positions and exciting opportunities. Don’t venture into the world of makeup artistry without all of the basic skills and knowledge you need to survive.

There are many schools that make over-the-top promises and guarantees for your future as a professional makeup artist. They may entice you with terms such as “licensed” ,’state certified’ or promise job placement after the completion of course studies.

Here is the good news: You do not need to be licensed to apply your talent to a rewarding job in the world of cosmetics. In fact there is no such thing as a makeup license. There is also no set number of hours you need to attend school.While our course training is only five short days, the curriculum is packed with all the basics. You’ll love learning and listening to Amanda  share her experience and expertise with a small, intimate class.

Media Makeup Academy will guide you, train you, and help you reach your absolute full potential. From there, the sky is the limit. You may end up in Hollywood working on celebs or build a reputation as a talented freelance makeup artist. Maybe you’ll specialize in print work and contribute to magazines ,ads and catalogues , work in TV or create your own bridal business. Who knows where the exciting journey will lead? As long as you have the education and the skill, you’ll have all the tools of the trade to make that first step.


"After taking the airbrush makeup course I volunteered to do some children's face painting for my condo's Christmas party. One of the unit owners was a principal in an internet promotion agency and loved my work on his son's face and hired me on the spot to run the Batman themed booth at the NYC convention center. The client was MoonAtMidnight, the premiere online Batman t shirt store whose line of Batman shirts and hoodies are well known here. They made the mainstream press when a number of their Batman shirts were seen in the political protests in Hong Kong. They were promoting their sublimated t shirts, which are incredible works of art - high resolution, brilliant colors, crisp details featured in an incredible super hero collection of t shirts that are impressive in their own right. The job was to make the models wearing these shirts unique and stunning, by choosing Batman apparel where the color schemes worked well with each model's hair color and preference for makeup. The shirts are truly works of art and clearly designer items fit for a high end wardrobe. The models were really into the Dark Knight and I'm sure that wearing a Batman shirt in a photo shoot made their day. It was a blast and I got a lot of contacts from this exposure. My training at the academy really paid off for me almost instantly and I highly recommend the experience to anyone seriously interested in the art of make up and facial design." Tina Wells


  Our Team 

Amanda Shackleton

Head Teacher & Founder

Amanda Shackleton is the head teacher and founder of MMA. She has worked extensively in the fashion industry for 20 years and is currently represented by Wilhelmina Creative in NYC, Miami, Chicago & LA. Originally from NY Amanda trained as a hair stylist and make up artist in London, where she gained a broad knowledge of the industry and built her portfolio and fashion contacts. She has since worked and been represented by agencies in Milan, Munich, Amsterdam, South Africa, Sydney, NY, Miami, Dallas and LA… She has worked around the world on photo shoots with magazines such as Marie Claire, American Vogue, Cosmo, Glamor, Modern Bride, Fitness, Shape & O Magazine. Celebrity clients include Martha Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Katie Courick, Javier Bardham, Cyndi Lauper, Pierce Brosnin, Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Christopher Walken and many more.


Julie Tallman

Judie Tallman began her career in Chicago, working in trendy Lincoln Park salons and for private clients that included local musicians, models, and photographers.She soon added music videos, album covers and catalog shoots to her resume, which led to national commercials, television and feature films. Judie had worked directly with such diverse talent such as Jeremy Piven, Ozzy Osbourne, George Carlin, Billy Idol, Slash, Liz Phair, Soundgarden, Richard Marx, Michael Jordon (from the Chicago Bulls) and members of the Chicago White Sox. Second unit work on “Early Edition” and “Cupid” helped land Judie on the roster for the IATSE Local 476.]Nine years in Los Angeles expanded Judie’s resume to include additional projects with numerous well known talent including Pamela Anderson,Hugh Jackman Faye Dunaway, Bai Ling, Brooke Shields, Cloris Leachman, Elizabeth Perkins, Jason Alexander, Michael Douglas, Blair Underwood, Jay Mohr, Joe Mantegna, Ed Asner, Ted Danson, and many more. Many of these projects have aired on Starz, Showtime, HBO, CBS, TLC, Discovery, History Channel, E! and the BBC. Judie is a member of the Local 476 Union of Hair Stylists and Make Up Artists in Chicago.


Andie Cumber

Andie began her makeup career 28 years ago as a beauty consultant behind the counter with Elizabeth Arden. She didn’t dream, or have aspirations of becoming a makeup artist. Instead she fell into her career quite by accident. A Human Resource Manager thought the beauty world would be a good fit, and as fate would have it, she was spot on. Her time in the industry has been fulfilled with accomplishments such as Resident Artist, and Regional Trainer for Shiseido Cosmetics, Account Executive Borghese Cosmetics, Cosmetic Department Manager Marshall Field’s State Street and Store Director Sephora Northbridge.In 2009 Andie launched her on-location bridal makeup business. It was the interaction with brides that created the desire to share her knowledge with others. Now, she is passing on all her tips and tricks by way of one-on-one consults, and group classes.For Andie the most rewarding feeling in the world is when a woman feels empowered because she was given the right tools!



MMA Makeup Courses

To hold your spot in a class-click on the class and date you want to sign up for. On the next page you will be given the option to put down a deposit or pay in full. Payment is accepted by Credit Card, Pay Pal,or Pay Pal bill me later. Pay Pal Bill me later gives you the option to borrow interest free for 6 months.



Airbrush Make-Up Artistry Chicago

Time: Sunday, 10am-4:00pm

Duration: 6 hours /1 day

Date: Sept 25

Cost: $200 plus $350 MAKE-UP KIT fee

This class is designed for beginning students wanting to gain valuable knowledge in the art of Airbrush Make-up. No formal training of makeup is needed for this class.

This class is designed to expand the knowledge of tools and techniques for the artist. Both the beginner and the more seasoned artist will gain valuable skills and knowledge from our course. Some background and understanding in traditional makeup techniques is suggested but not required.




  • Description and Explanation of Airbrush Makeup Kit Equipment Components and Maintenance
  • Airbrush Makeup and HD (High Definition) Filming / Photography
  • Airbrush Makeup Formulations and Uses (Silicone, Water, Alcohol)
  •  Demonstration of Foundation Application
  •  Student practical: setting up and operation of equipment and application of water



  • Skin Prep and Neutralization
  • Student Practical: Application of Silicone Foundation
  • Demonstration of Bronzer and Blush
  • Student Practical: Bronzer and Blush
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving




Makeup 101 Chicago

Time: Mon – Fri, 9:30am-4:30pm

Duration: 36 hours /5 days

Date: Sept 26 – Sept 30 2016

Cost: $1400 plus $395 MAKE-UP KIT fee

Make Up 101 was designed to teach students the super important basics in makeup. Having an amazing core training and choosing a successful artist to learn from are the two most important choices you will make for your career. I’ve created my 101 class to get students certified quickly and affordably with 2 demos and 2 practice sessions per day and a real photo shoot on the last day.
Students learn from my personal experience starting out as a beginner in the business and becoming a successful celebrity/fashion MUA . I’ll guide you on how to start your business, approach clients, promote yourself and more…This class is for beginners as well as artists who need to brush up on their skills and gain more confidence.  For pricing and dates please click on the button above. This is a certificate course.




Rock The Runway

Time: Sat – Sun, 10am-4:30pm

Duration: 2 days

Date: Oct. 1 – 2 2016

Cost: $400 plus $99 MAKE-UP KIT fee

Rock The Runway – Chicago / Certificate Course

This 2 day class is an exciting creative class focusing on high fashion makeup looks and current trends. Prerequisite: Makeup 101 or previous training.

Day 1: Trends


  • Understanding makeup trends for the current season
  • Analyzing the influence designers have on current trends
  • Staying on top of your game with current trend resources
  • What key products to have back stage
  • Incorporating color and texture into your makeup/ Makeup kit
  • Who are the top Make Up artists to follow for inspiration
  • How to create specific looks from the runwayStudents then work on the look they want to create incorporating the above

Day 2: Fantasy & Avant Garde 


  • Learning to create a story board
  • What you want your makeup to say
  • Exploring your creativity as an artist
  • High Fashion-Understanding restraint
  • Creating Fantasy& Avante Garde looks
  • Adding new elements to your work-glitter, feathers, lace, etc…
  • Know your camera-tips to photograph your workStudents then work on a look they want to create incorporating the above elements



nyc 2

Makeup 101 Chicago

Time: Mon – Fri, 9:30am-4:30pm

Duration: 36 hours /5 days

Date: Nov 28 – Dec 2 2016

Cost: $1400 plus $395 MAKE-UP KIT fee

Make Up 101 was designed to teach students the super important basics in makeup. Having an amazing core training and choosing a successful artist to learn from are the two most important choices you will make for your career. I’ve created my 101 class to get students certified quickly and affordably with 2 demos and 2 practice sessions per day and a real photo shoot on the last day.

Students learn from my personal experience starting out as a beginner in the business and becoming a successful celebrity/fashion MUA . I’ll guide you on how to start your business, approach clients, promote yourself and more…This class is for beginners as well as artists who need to brush up on their skills and gain more confidence.  For pricing and dates please click on the button above. This is a certificate course.

Day 1: Basic skin care, skin types and sun kissed makeup


  • Introduction to your make up brushes and full make up kit
  • Cleaning and sanitizing your brushes and make up kit
  • Mixing and applying foundation for all skin types and colors
  • Corrective skin techniques- Broken capillaries,patchy skin,redness etc
  • Concealing under eye circles
  • Applying and mixing powder
  • Learning about HD makeup?
  • Learning and practicing a sun kissed makeup look
  • Applying eyeliner,mascara and blush
  • Creating a beautiful glowing skin

Day 2: Day & evening bridal make-up 


  • Natural bridal makeup demo and practice
  • Dramatic bridal makeup demo and practice
  • How to waterproof your makeup
  • Corrective eyebrow shaping
  • Understanding your clients needs
  • How to conduct a consultation
  • Discussion on working in the bridal field
  • How to promote yourself,choose pricing and secure contracts
  • How to waterproof your makeup
  • How to promote yourself,choose pricing& secure contracts


Day 3: We will explore and practice make up through the 20th century


  • Discussion on make up looks from the 1920s to present day
  • Demo/practice on one of the below looks at the discretion of the teacher
  • 1920’s look – Clara Bow
  • 1940’s – Lauren Bacall
  • 1950’s -Marilyn Monroe
  • 1960’s-Twiggy
  • 1970’s -Cher
  • 1980’s- Madonna
  • 1990’s  to present day
  • Creating a cat eye
  • Applying a deep lip color
  • Super Smokey night time eye makeup demo and practice

Day 4: The Fashion Industry 


  • Discussion on the fashion industry(working on photo shoots and fashion shows)
  • Morning make up demo and practice
  • Highlighting and contouring
  • Learning face and eye shapes
  • How to build your portfolio, approach photographers,models and modeling agencies.
  • Different careers as a make-up artist
  • Creating your make up business
  • Building a website
  • Promoting yourself and your business
  • How to eventually approach clients and find an agency to represent you

Day 5: Photoshoot day


  • Words of advice from the photographer
  • Learn set etiquette
  • Who to ask for direction(the photographer,art director or client)
  • What to bring to the shoot
  • Morning: Natural Look
    Students will arrive and prepare their models for their photo shoot. You will be working with professional photographer Petra Ford.
  • Afternoon: Dramatic Look
  • Students will begin their second look on their models and finish their shoot.
  • **Please note- local students must bring their own models for Friday only. Out of town students will be provided a model
  • ** All students will be sent edited photos from their shoot via email. The pictures can be used for building your website, making business cards as well as for other promotional materials. All costs for for the shoot are included in your tuition.
  • Students receive their certificates!!!




Airbrush Make-Up Artistry Chicago

Time: Sat, 10am-4:00pm

Duration: 6 hours /1 day

Date: Dec 3

Cost: $200 plus $350 MAKE-UP KIT fee




Make Up is a visual career and potential employers need to see your work in order to consider you for the job. Thats’s why MMA dedicates all of Friday to building your portfolio, recreating a professional shoot, teaching you set etiquette and getting you ready to get out there and work!

Students will shoot two different makeup looks, to get pictures for their websites, portfolios and business cards. Below is a variety of work our students did after 4 days of intensive training! Showing beautiful wearable makeup will get you the job every time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Certificates vs licences -what is the difference?
Unlike Hair Stylists and Estheticians, Make Up artists do not need to be licensed by the state to work in the industry. Certificates are awarded to each student at the end of the course as proof you have completed make up training. They are also needed to apply for professional make up artists discounts with many cosmetic companies

How many hours/classes do I need to become a certified makeup artist?
There are no set hours for certification-each school is different in the amount of hours and classes they require. MMA requires each student finishes the 5 day/36 hour class in full to receive their certificate.

How can I learn make Up in 5 days?
I get this question all the time. Please refer to our syllabus for a list of each days lesson.

We teach you all the basics you need- and you learn a lot in a short time. A huge part of being confident and ready as an artist, comes once you leave the class room. Just like any artistic career- its all about practicing to get your skill level up-the more you practice the stronger you become as an MUA.

What is in my Makeup Kit?
2015 student kit for Make Up 101 Class
*kits may vary slightly from class to class

18 Make Up Brushes and brush holder, 1 Brush Holder Belt, 3 Graftobian HD Foundation Palettes, 4 Loose Powders (translucent, beige, yellow & brown), 3 Pigment Mixers (white, yellow & brown), 1 Tin of Rosebud Salve, 1 Blush Palette, 1 Neutral Eye Palette, 1 Smokey Eye Pallette, 1 Shimmery Eye Palette, 1 Concealer Palette, 1 Lip Palette, 1 Foundation Knife, 1 Silver Mixing Palette, 3 Graftobian Lustre Cremes (Gold, Bronze & Opal Ice), NYX Tango Bronzer, 3 NYX Lip Liner Pencils, 2-3 NYX Lip Gloss, 3 NYX Eye Liner pencils, Felt Tip Eye Liner Pencil, 1 Black Gel Eyeliner, 1 Brown Gel Eyeliner, 1 Eye Lash Curler, 4 Brow Stencils, 4 Sets of False Eyelashes, Individual Lashes and Lash Glue, 1 Silver Lash Applicator, 1 Smudge Proof Mascara Shield, 1 bottle of Mascara, Make Up remover Wipes, Bag of Sponges, Q tips and cotton, 2 empty spray bottles, 1 sharpener Beauty tutorials..

Do you offer financing?
We offer a 6 month interest free loan through Pay Pal. Upon register and checking out for your class, click the Pay Pal credit button. You will be asked a few questions and given an answer within a minute.
Please note: this is a third party loan,  payments are between you and Pay Pal only-not the school.

How do I pay for my class?
Students can put down a $600 deposit for the 101 Class and a $200 deposit for the Air Brush class to hold their spot. You will receive an email from the school a week before class with instructions on how to pay your balance.

How many students will be in each class?
Generally there are 6-14 students in each class-this enables me to give individual attention to each student

What’s the minimum age for students accepted?
We require students to be 18 years old to register, but sometimes make exceptions- Have a parent call the school if you below 18 years old.

Do you accept International students?
Yes!! We have students come from all over the world-contact the school if you have any questions or need help finding a place to stay.

Do I need to bring my own model for my photoshoot?
Yes, students are required to bring their own models so please plan accordingly. If you are out of town we will help you in finding a model.