Unlike Hair Stylists and Estheticians, Make Up artists do not need to be licensed by the state to work in the industry. Certificates are awarded to each student at the end of the course as proof you have completed make up training. They are also needed to apply for professional make up artists discounts with many cosmetic companies

There are no set hours for certification-each school is different in the amount of hours and classes they require. MMA requires each student finishes the 5 day/36 hour class in full to receive their certificate.

I get this question all the time. Please refer to our syllabus for a list of each days lesson.

We teach you all the basics you need- and you learn a lot in a short time. A huge part of being confident and ready as an artist, comes once you leave the class room. Just like any artistic career- its all about practicing to get your skill level up-the more you practice the stronger you become as an MUA.

2017 student kit for Make Up 101 Class

All other makeup needed will be provided by the school

18 Make Up Brushes with brush holder, 1 Brush Belt, 2 Graftobian HD Foundation Palettes, 6 Mineral Foundations 4 Loose Powders (translucent, beige, yellow & brown), 4 wet dry foundations, 1 bronzing powder, blotting powder, 3 Pigment Mixers (white, yellow & brown), 1 Tin of Rosebud Salve, 4 Blush , 1 Neutral/Color  Eye shadow Palette,  2 Concealer wheels, 4 Lipsticks, 4 Lip gloss, 1 Foundation Knife, 1 Silver Mixing Palette, 1 Black & Brown eyeliner, Natural Lipliner , Felt Tip Eyeliner pen,1 Black Gel Eyeliner, 1 Moss Gel Eyeliner, 1 Eye Lash Curler,  3 Sets of False Eyelashes, Individual Lashes, 1 Silver Lash Applicator , Mascara, Disposable Mascara Wands, Make Up remover Wipes, Bag of Sponges, Q tips and cotton, 2 empty spray bottles, 1 sharpener Beauty tutorials..

We offer a 6 month interest free loan through Pay Pal. Upon register and checking out for your class, click the Pay Pal credit button. You will be asked a few questions and given an answer within a minute.

Please note: this is a third party loan,  payments are between you and Pay Pal only-not the school.



Generally there are 6-14 students in each class-this enables me to give individual attention to each student

We require students to be 18 years old to register, but sometimes make exceptions- Have a parent call the school if you below 18 years old.

Yes!! We have students come from all over the world-contact the school if you have any questions or need help finding a place to stay.